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Childlinks The Implementation of Aistear

ChildlinksTheImplementationofAistearIn Ireland, there is currently an unprecedented policy focus on education and care for children in the years before compulsory schooling. This policy focus is warranted. We know without question that high quality early childhood education and care reaps measurable gains in thinking and social skills for all children.

School Readiness for Infants and Toddlers? Really? Yes,Really!

SchoolReadinessforinfantsandtoddlersreally1 As many researchers, practitioners, and policy makers have defined it, school readiness implies that by the time children enter kindergarten, they have achieved a level of development that makes it likely they will successfully adapt to the challenges of formal schooling (Ladd 2005). School readiness refers to “children possessing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in school and later learning in life” (Head Start 2012, 1).   

ChildLinks - ‘Outcomes-Focused Children’s Services’

childlinksoutcomesfocusedapproach Welcome to the latest edition of ChildLinks on the theme of ‘Outcomes-Focused Children’s Services’. Thinking about children’s services from an outcomes perspective rather than an outputs perspective has radical...

Childlinks - Professional Development and Pedagogy in Early Childhood in the Republic of Ireland

childlinkspedagogyinearlychildhood Two important documents to do with the future of early childhood care and education in Ireland were launched in December, which, in the Christmas rush, received little public attention. I am referring firstly to the National Strategic Plan 2011–2013, Early Childhood Care...

ChildLinks - Developments in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) 

childlinks startstrongadvancingchildrensearlycareandeducation Start Strong was established in 2004 as the Irish Childcare Policy Network (ICPN), which brought together people and organisations concerned with childcare and early learning in Ireland. The aim was to...


EARLYCHILDHOODEDUCATIONCAREtimeforreform On 10th December 2007, The Minister for Children, Brendan Smith T.D., launched the Government’s vision for Children’s Services in Ireland. This national policy document, The Agenda for Children’s Services, ‘is directing us all in a new way of working with children, their families and communities to... 

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