After School (School Age)

In this section we will feature articles, videos and publications that will assist in the provision of School Age Childcare (SAC)

National Standards have been developed and we will be able to share a copy of them here with you shortly

 Here is a booklet of activities for school age children

Serious fun Activities     

Here are some of the posts that appeared on the NCN Play Hub Facebook page in case you missed them

Copying Nature       Diary Keeping


Map activity         Create with Cardboard   

 NCN Family Tree               NCN Homemade Hooplar   

Rollerball               Scavenger Hunt with a Difference

Scrapbook             Sock Puppet Show    

Spell your Name        Xs and Os

 Spell your Name       Irish Sign Language

 Resources from Barnardos

Barnardos SAC          Barnardos Older Child