Introduction - Play

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The Benefits of Play

Play for children and adults is very important. Parents and families are a child’s first play partners. Children and parents, who play together in early childhood, develop strong bonds that carry both children and adults through difficult times in later life.

“When children and adults treat play as seriously as it deserves, we feel a joy that stays with us. It’s things we play with and the people who help us play that make a difference to our lives. Childhood play is crucial for social, emotional, physical and mental development. While all forms of play are important for development, imagination, creativity and spontaneous play are the most essential types. Children that do not play when they are young often grow into socially, maladjusted adults.” Play Therapist, Dr. Stewart Browne.

Children must play in order to develop and the more they play the more they develop. When they attend an Early Childhood Service, (Pre-school, Crèche or Childminder) the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of play experiences builds on their play experiences from home. Early Childhood providers who value and provide for play in many different ways make a very positive impact on the lives of children.

“Play is central to the well-being, development, and learning of the young child. Play is an important medium through which the child interacts with, explores and makes sense of the world around them.” Síolta. The National Quality Framework.

 Here is a short video taken during National Childhood Services Week in 2018 where we hear what children like about play and preschool. Many thanks to the children, staff and parents of Teach na bPaisti Full Daycare Service in Monaghan



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However we do realise what a great job parents do with children so we have featured some of our posters here in support of parents

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