Remembering John Hume

BCCN/ NCN….  remembering John Hume with fondness, awe and appreciation

It is with sadness yes, but also with great fondness, awe  and appreciation that NCN, formerly  the Border Counties Childcare Network, remembersJohn Hume on the day that his death  has been announced.  What an inspirational man,  who has left a lasting  positive legacy on the island of Ireland. Inspired, as an MEP, by the way  former warring  European countries  could work together through the European Union, he used his observations and learning as the basis upon which he worked to secure  EU funding to support the peace process and the  provision  of the first Peace and Reconciliation Programme for Northern Ireland and the Southern Border Counties. Many communities  have since benefitted from his visionary  thinking and commitment, not least those communities who accessed EU support and funding for the development of early childhood  and after school services, both in Northern Ireland and the Border Region.  Many services  for children and families that exist today, in both regions,  do so thanks to  the EU support secured by John  Hume. The development of BCCN/NCN in 1997,  a quality support agency for the Early Childhood and School Age sector, which still exists today,  was  first made possible through John Hume’s work  and his understanding of the benefits of such services  for  children, families, communities and  the future of Northern Ireland. Many have continued to walk in his footsteps.

Sincere sympathy to his wife Pat and family. May he rest in peace.