A New Payment Plan for Childhood Service Providers to Join IBEC

After weeks of working with IBEC to secure their support for the childhood services sector, significant progress has been made. With 427 service providers now fully paid up members and 1000 others signing the Expression of Interest form, IBEC is now in a position to offer a payment plan to providers not able to pay their full membership fee upfront.

This has resulted in IBEC introducing a direct debit payment option this week which is available for all category members. Payments can be made by monthly or quarterly d/d mandate depending on what best suits their service / business. The credit card option also remains open. With this progress IBEC is now in a position to work on behalf of service providers delivering a broad range of services for children and families, from the stand alone ECCE sessional provider to larger offering a broad range of services. A full report on progress made over the last few months will be made available shortly.