Response to the Single Affordable Childcare Scheme

24 January 2017

On the day that Minister Zappone fast-tracks legislation for the Affordable Childcare Scheme, please see the important document below

Representatives from a wide range of stakeholder groups within the childhood sector have welcomed the invitation from the DCYA to meet and discuss concerns and recommendations regarding the current proposals for the Single Affordable Childcare Scheme. The deputation organised by NCN will include representatives involved in the delivery of community and private, sessional and full day-care, urban and rural, small, medium and large services as well as representatives from PLÉ. Those involved have worked together to prepare a collaborative response to the proposed scheme which has been submitted to the DCYA for consideration. The need for comprehensive consultation and negotiation with all types of service provider has been highlighted to the Department in order to ensure the scheme is implemented successfully to the satisfaction of all involved including parents. See the full report on the response to the scheme here.





Response to Affordable Childcare Scheme