As Childhood Services Week 22 approaches (23-28th May), NCN calls on the entire sector to get ready to show case the valuable work carried out in services across Ireland to enhance the lives of children. Whether you provide a preschool, creche, afterschool or childminding service, this dedicated week creates an opportunity for all services to highlight and showcase how the Voice of the Child is heard through the Arts. Providing opportunities for children to draw, paint, manipulate dough or clay, or other open-ended materials, dress up, or enjoy rhymes or stories, sing or dance are all of value.

Have a look at the report from Childhood Services Week 2021- Arts at the Heart, as well as our slide show and see if there are photographs included of children in your service. It hasn’t been possible to highlight all the images shared with us in 2021 but we hope the report and the slideshow will give you a feel for some of the wonderful experiences children of all ages have within a diversity of settings.

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More Adventures from Aoife & Daithi

 New Aoife Daithi     Annotation 2020 09 08 141802   Healthy Teeth

Rethinking Outdoor Play in English and Irish               

Outdoor Play              Outdoor Irish

  Lunch Box Infographic English           Lunch Box Infographic Irish      

   Time for Lunch infographic 2                  Time for Lunch infographic Irisha 

Lunch Box Leaflet English

 Leaflet side 1Leaflet Side 2

 Lunch Box LeafLet Irish

Lunch box Irish 1Lunch Box Irish 2




Representatives from a range of early years groups united recently  to prepare a comprehensive submission to the Taoiseach, the  Minister for Finance, all Government Ministers and TD’s calling for increased investment in the Early Years workforce. Facilitated by NCN and  Quality Matters,  representatives from PARCC, National Forum for Community Childcare Services, PEEP, PPPI, PLE, ACP and Montessori Alliance and SIPTU  contributed to the submission. Please click on the following link

Making the case for Investment in the Early Years Workforce

24 January 2017

On the day that Minister Zappone fast-tracks legislation for the Affordable Childcare Scheme, please see the important document below

Representatives from a wide range of stakeholder groups within the childhood sector have welcomed the invitation from the DCYA to meet and discuss concerns and recommendations regarding the current proposals for the Single Affordable Childcare Scheme. The deputation organised by NCN will include representatives involved in the delivery of community and private, sessional and full day-care, urban and rural, small, medium and large services as well as representatives from PLÉ. Those involved have worked together to prepare a collaborative response to the proposed scheme which has been submitted to the DCYA for consideration. The need for comprehensive consultation and negotiation with all types of service provider has been highlighted to the Department in order to ensure the scheme is implemented successfully to the satisfaction of all involved including parents. See the full report on the response to the scheme here.





Response to Affordable Childcare Scheme