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Inspiring The Future - Redraw The Balance

This powerful film from MullenLowe London provocatively captures how, early on in their education, children already define career opportunities as male and female. When asked to draw a firefighter, surgeon and a fighter pilot, 61 pictures were drawn of men and only 5 were female. It's time to redraw the balance. Find out how you can support the cause by visiting:

Doll Test

The Barbie Doll Test

This video program, produced by Modesto Junior College video producer Wes Page, documents an experiment by Professor Sam Pierstorff and his English 101 class. Small children are asked questions about Barbie dolls of different ethnicity.

A Look at Race Relations through a Child's Eyes

Anderson Cooper details a study that seeks to gain insight into the way black and white children perceive each other.

Kids speak their minds about race

In part two of Anderson Cooper's special report, kids give honest feedback on racial and social issues.

Poor Kids (Documentary) - Real Stories

Dispatches: Breadline Kids (Documentary) - Real Stories

Accepting Difference