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Webinar Schedule

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Webinar Programme for the Under 3’s

Arts for the Under 3’s using Sand, Water and Outdoor Materials

Presenters -Mairead, Manager of Clogher Valley Sure Start
Creative Development Worker and Julie Play Development Worker

Setting up Creative Arts Spaces for the Under 3’s
Presenter Siobhan Wallace Early Years – Dungannon/Coalisland SureStart

The Joy of Puppets and Storytelling for the Under 3’s
Niamh Whealahan

Loose parts - Play Within Play for the Under 3’s

Exploring light with under 3’s
Light workshop with artist Elizabeth Smith
Process in a Box: The Elizabeth Light Box
Niamh Whealahan

Webinar Programme for Pre-schoolers

Light & Creativity Mary O Reilly, Early Years

Story Telling & Puppets Urike Farnleiter Blathu

Purposeful Play: delving into our new purposeful play programme for early years children and schools

Delivered by Emma Connors (CEO) and Aisling Folan (Creative Director)
With live creative demos from artist Liz Smith and Jo May

Mark making

Sound and Vision: Musical mark making with curious components; create simple tools of expression and take a curious journey to the flow of music and sound.

Malleable materials

Webinar Programme for School Age Children

How to nail a Virtual Play Date 29th April 7-8pm
A fun and creative interactive play session using the arts. This session will look at online engagement and is aimed at children and carers of all ages. Come along a try out a range of tried and tested virtual play date activities that children can play either online or indoors.

Craft, Create, Play with the Elements 6th May 7-8.30pm
Let your imagination run wild. This session will explore how to set up a compensatory play space indoors. How to creatively incorporate earth, air, fire and water into your everyday play.

Eco Play 13th May 7 – 8.30pm
Making the word a greener place. We all have a part to play in looking after our planet and educating the next generation about how we can help. This webinar will explore how you can incorporate the concepts of reduce, reuse, recycle in creative play.

- Where in the World? Have an imaginary day. Transport yourself and the children you work with to another place, another planet, under the sea or even a trip to an imaginary island. Inhabit a new place and create a new character by transforming your space and get to know each other in new ways.

- Mask Make in May explore self-expression, feelings, identity, role play and the imagination through reuse materials, and open ended play

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IMG 1787 IMG 1798 1 IMG 1893
IMG 1787 IMG 1798 1 IMG 1893

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How to get Involved

Prior to Childhood Services Week we will provide a series of arts-based webinars running in the evening from the 22nd April to the 21st of May. We hope these will support and enthuse all providers and practitioners to provide a range of experiential arts opportunities that children can enjoy and have fun with in the run up to and during Childhood Services Week, and beyond!

Banaha · R. Robinson · Amadeus-IN


Banaha Body Percussion Practice


IMG 1787

Themes will include storytelling and puppetry, light and creativity, painting, drawing and malleable play, green play, purposeful play, outdoor play and establishing creative spaces.

We will launch the campaign with our first webinar Creativity on a shoestring: Welcome to the curious world of creative reuse on Thursday 22 April.

Delivered by Emma Connors CEO of ReCreate, Aisling Folan, Creative Director and artist Jo May. This webinar will showcase to early childhood and school aged practitioners how to support process led play with open ended materials. The presenters will bring attendees on a journey of how to support and guide children through playful enquiry.

A full suite of webinars aimed at those working with children under 3, preschool and school aged children will be delivered from the 26th April. Click below for details on the webinars and how to book.

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IMG 1787 IMG 1798 1 IMG 1893
IMG 1787 IMG 1798 1 IMG 1893

We hope these webinars will inspire and energise services across the island to the participate in a festival of art activities during Childhood Services Week in May.

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Art Experiences for Young Children

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Explore Play & Learn Through the Arts in Pre School Settings

Celebrating the work of the Early Childhood and School Age Sector on the Island of Ireland #childhoodarts #CSW21

The National Childhood Network (NCN), and a diversity of agencies, invite all early childhood and school age services across the island of Ireland to participate in Childhood Services Week 2021 from 24th May to 29th May.

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Join us as we shine a light on the diverse ways that services encourage children to explore, play and learn through experiential engagement in the arts.

During Childhood Services Week we are encouraging services to hold their own Festival of the Arts, providing lots of opportunities for children to engage in different arts experiences that enrich children’s learning and support their holistic development.

Art activities such as music and dance, junk art, malleable materials, drawing, painting, storytelling and drama allow children make choices, use their imaginations, fantasise and take risks. Skills which they will bring with them into adulthood along with an understanding and appreciation of the arts.

Using #ChildhoodArts, services will be invited to share images of children engaging in a range of different forms of art. We will provide suggested themes and activities for the week, songs to learn and events to participate in. All helping to support the wonderful work carried out in childhood services across the island and to showcase children enjoying diverse art activities on a daily basis.

Introduction   Programme of Events

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IMG 1787 IMG 1798 1 IMG 1893
IMG 1787 IMG 1798 1 IMG 1893


Organisations supporting NCN in Childhood Services Week 2021 include Barnardos, Early Years, the organisation for young children, Association of Childhood Professionals, Crann Support Group, National Community Childcare Forum, Blathu Steiner Early Childhood Association, Conradh na Gaeilge, Gaeloideachas, Play Board NI, Sleepy Hollow Group NI, , Federation of Early Childhood Providers, Seas Suas, Men in Childcare, Child Paths, ReCreate.

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Latest News

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We hope these webinars will inspire and energise services across the island to the participate in a festival of art activities during Childhood Services Week in May.


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Arts Experiences for Young children
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More Adventures from Aoife & Daithi

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