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IMG 1787How can my service get involved in Childhood Services Week in 2022?

As part of Childhood Services Week 2022, we are asking service providers, staff and childminders to plan for and provide a little ‘Festival of the Arts’ during this dedicated week in your setting; appropriate to your children’s ages and stages of development. If you want, you can tell us how you provide for the arts in your service!  Tell us through words, videos and images about the type of arts activity that you offer to the children in your service.

  • What arts-based play opportunities are part of your daily routine?

  • What special arts experiences might you provide access to during Childhood Services Week (Note, NCN and our collaborating organisations will be sharing lots of ideas in the coming weeks on our social media platforms. You can do so too!).

  • Do you have photos and/or videos that you can share of children enjoying their favourite arts activities at your service?

  • How about recording what the children think/say about their favourite arts experiences so that you can share with parents to celebrate Childhood Services week?

We’d love if you would email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. pictures or videos of arts activities in action within your service as described above.  We’d love to hear from both your staff and the children at your service.

Let’s showcase all the wonderful work that services do across Ireland

IMG 1798 1Regularly enjoying a broad range of play-based arts experiences, we know from experience and research is hugely beneficial for children. Children will have their own likes and dislikes but a curriculum framework that includes many different opportunities for children to experience the arts is crucial for their holistic development and enjoyment.

Singing, dancing or moving to music, listening to, making up or acting out stories, poems and rhymes, dressing up, drama and role play, moulding and sculpting dough or clay, using open-ended materials, loose parts or flowers and leaves from outdoors…all these activities provide the potential for joyful and engaging arts experiences for children.

Why not reflect and build upon your current arts provision with colleagues and children in the coming weeks and plan your own Festival of the Arts for during this week?

If you need some inspiration, look at our social media channels where in recent weeks we have been sharing lots of useful activity ideas. Also, have a look at our video of Childhood Services Week 2021 here to get some further inspiration.

We’d also love if you could share your own ideas on any firm favourites in your service so that we can share them with other services.

Finally, feel free to have a look at the photographs and videos service providers shared with us from 2021 by exploring our website.

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