Transition time is here again! Transition to big school can bring a range of emotions for young children and families.  Some may feel excited, others scared or worried. Moving on is a big change for children and one that needs careful management and support 

Following a very successful first roll out of the transition postcards last year we would like to invite all service providers to engage with us again in supporting children transition to big school. Thank you to all of you who took part last year, we had some wonderful examples of the voice of the child supported by early childhood settings.

It is very important to NCN that children have their voice heard as they take this step to school. Transitioning to school is such an important time in children’s lives. Like you, we would like the children’s new teachers to know about what is important to children.

In working across the country to deliver the Healthy Ireland Smart Start programme, NCN has seen lots of fantastic examples of settings supporting children and families transition to big school. We know that you work hard to enable smooth transitions to take place.

 As part of supporting transitions again and helping children to have their voice heard during this essential phase of their lives we are sending all services a postcard template for children moving on to big school. The postcard shows teachers what is important to children.  In supporting schools listen to the voice of children NCN are supporting the idea of ‘ready schools’.  “Ready schools are schools that are prepared for children who are already strong, competent and confident learners “(NCCA, 2018). 

 We envisage that each child will have their own postcard to take to school either for the school’s open day or on their very first day there. Children can draw or paint the most important things they want their new teacher and school to know about them.

We have included some examples from children from the Ballyhaise Pre-School in Cavan who continue to support us in our work.

If you would like to be involved, please download the card, enable children have the materials to draw or paint and support them by writing what they have said underneath their pictures.  Children can then take their postcards with them and let their new teacher know what is important to them.

In doing this we feel that this will enable the children to communicate very important things about themselves to their new teacher and school and enable new relationships to build.

Please let us know what the children have said.   Don’t forget to ask the children if they would like to be involved first and ensure you have children and families permission to send us their work.

Thank you for getting involved!

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Transitions Blank Template          Transitions Template Irish


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