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Síolta - Standard 15 - Legislation and Regulations - Research Digest

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Síolta - Legislation and Regulation - Research Digest Papers

Barnardos (2005) and BCCN Legislation Handbook for Childcare Providers. Dublin: Barnardos’ National Children’s Resource Centre.

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Office of the Minister for Children (2006). Minister for Children Signs the Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006. Press Release, 9th October 2006.

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Early Childhood Care and Education Legislation and Regulations Sample List

The following pages contain sample lists of legislation and regulation for the early childhood sector. Please note; legislation is continually changing and being updated, the purpose of these lists is to act as a general guide and information source only.
It is the responsibility of each setting to determine its own relevant legislative and regulatory framework and insure that the legislation used, is up to date.

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