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Artists Schools Guidelines towards Best Practice in Ireland (n.d)

The arts excite children’s creativity and imagination. They stimulate the child’s full range of intelligences, creating multiple systems of connection, representation and expression. It is crucial for the arts to be available to children both within and outside schools. The quality of arts in schools engagement is of central concern to the Arts Council and the best way to provide these high quality experiences is through arts and school communities working together at local and national levels. The Arts Council’s Partnership for the Arts 2006–2010, a strategy itself based on the principle of partnership, recognises the value of these relationships.



Neuro-education: learning, arts, and the brain (2009)

On May 6, 2009, the Neuro-Education Initiative of The Johns Hopkins University School of Education, with support from The Dana Foundation, hosted its inaugural national Learning, Arts, and the Brain Summit to explore the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, the arts, and learning. More than 300 educators, scientists, school administrators, and policy makers shared their perspectives on advancing the science of learning through the lens of arts training and its effects on cognition.

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Art Classes for Kids

The factors influencing children’s drawings. Oguz, V. (2010)

Drawings are an important part of child’s life. Children can describe their happiness, unhappiness, future dreams, past lives and continuing lives as they want through their drawings. The factors influencing children’s drawings can be grouped under two main categories. They are;...

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Preschoolers as Eco-Artists


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