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Aim - The aim of the Pre-school Physical Activity training programme is to educate and inform pre-school practitioners about the value of encouraging and implementing physical activity & play for pre-school children.


Introduction to Physical Activity  (click on image)

Resources for Pre-School Providers and Parents for the Physical Activity element

The following are the resources that participating pre-school providers and parents will receive to support the implementation of the Physical Activity element of the programme.

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getactiveyourway  eatsmartmovemore activeplayeveryday3 6yearoldchildrenactiveplayeveryday0 3yearoldchildren eatsmartmovemoreposter   PlaygroundMarkings



Other Useful Physical Activity Resources

Guidelines Physical Activity >>

Active Kids Booklet 2014 (3-6) >> 

Barnardos Outdoor Play >>

Barnardos Childlink Risky Play >>

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