Healthy Ireland Smart Start - Emotional Well-being

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Aim - To promote children's emotional well - being/literacy by building the capacity of pre-school practitioners to incorporate appropriate activities into children's routines.


Introduction to Unit 2 Emotional Well-Being/Literacy (click on image)

Resources for Pre-School Providers and Parents  for the  Emotional Well-being/literacy element

The following are the resources that participating pre-school providers and parents will receive to support the implementation of the Emotional Well-being/Literacy element of the programme.

Emotional Well-being Literacy Books


Discussion Cards and DVD to support the use of the Emotional Well-being/Literacy books

healthyirelandbooksdiscussioncards1 emotionalwellbeingliteracycd1

 Emotional Well-being/Literacy Fan & Music CD

emotionalwellbeingliteracd2  healthyirelandemotioncards1

Other Useful Emotional Well-Being/Literacy Resources 

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