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Benefits of Storytelling for Young Children

Telling stories with or without books promotes children’s development under the four themes of Aistear (Well-Being, Identity & Belonging, Communication and Exploring & Thinking). Through listening to stories children will...

  1. Well-Being:

    Develop relationships with adults and other children outside of their home setting.
    Build their knowledge of the world round them.
    Learn to understand their own feelings better and those of others.
    Experience sense of comfort from the enjoyment of listening to stories

  2. Identity and Belonging:

    Develop a sense of companionship when listening to stories in the company of others.
    Feel valued in the company of other children as they share information about themselves to others and gain an understanding of other people’s backgrounds and cultures.
    Develop a sense of group identity with other children and adults as they can share personal experiences and relate to stories that impacts on them.
    Learn about appropriate behaviour, what is acceptable and what is not.

  3. Communicating:

    Form bonds between adults and other children through non-verbal and verbal communication. Through body movements, facial expressions and gestures.
    Improve their overall vocabulary.
    Expand on their knowledge of the world around them as they use books especially if they are read n an enjoyable and fun way.
    Share their thoughts, feelings and ideas by telling stories and listening to them as well. They can begin to think creatively and have their own ideas for stories.

  4. Exploring and Thinking:

    Learn about other children and people in their community as they learn to understand the concept of change as they grow up.
    Gather information and use it to develop their social, cognitive and physical skills.
    Express their feeling and thoughts.
    Learn to recognise letters, words, numbers and even sentences.
    Develop new ways of thinking, through listening, understanding, remembering, analysing, questioning predicting and problem solving.

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Play  Outdoor Play 

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