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Help increase male educators in the early years (06/07/16)

Concerns have long been raised about the shortage of male teachers being employed in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Primary school settings in Australia and across the world. Coupled with these industry- focused concerns is the challenge of encouraging more males to consider higher education study in ECE. At the University of South Australia, male students account for around 3-4% of the ECE student cohort each year.

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How 'dad deprivation' could be eroding modern society (22/06/2016)

One of the world’s most respected campaigners on men’s issues believes “dad deprivation” is directly causing what he’s termed “the boy crisis” – and unless society urgently intervenes, we will be in danger of writing off a generation of men.


Is It OK For Boys To Cry? (18/06/2016)

A few weeks ago at a soccer game I was coaching, my team got trounced. They are 7 and they are not used to losing. As soon as I called the game and they realized what had just happened, two of the boys burst out crying...


Fathers also want to ‘have it all,’ study says (15/06/2016)

Have you seen the T-shirt slogan: Dads don’t babysit (it’s called “parenting”)? This slogan calls out the gendered language we often still use to talk about fathers. Babysitters are temporary caregivers who step in to help out the parents. But the fact is that fathers are spending more time with their children than ever before. In fact, American fathers today spend 65 percent more time with their children during the workday than they did 30 years ago.


Kinstantly. Dads: Roughhouse away! New research says kids NEED it (18/05/2016)

Roughhousing can get a bad rap. It can look…dangerous. Out of control. Like someone’s gonna get hurt. So maybe, we think, we should nip it in the bud. Not!


Independent.ie 11 things no one admits about being a Dad (02/02/16)

Men like to keep certain things secret, especially the fact that most of us are oversized children.


Childlinks - Working With Fathers

childlinksworkingwithfathers The first years in a child’s life are the most critical in terms of learning and development. Children’s developmental needs at this stage are time-bound, if they go unfulfilled in these early years, it is...

Childlinks - Men in Child Care Ireland

childlinksmeninchildcareireland One of the recurring arguments in support of more men in childcare is the ‘men as role models’ argument, that men provide role models for children, especially boys. However, as Aoife O’Gorman outlines in her article, this is a...