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Barnardos:Your Child's Behaviour

This booklet is for parents of young children up to the age of six although some of the information can apply to children of all ages. It aims to give you a better understanding of your child’s behaviour and what it is that your child is trying to communicate through their behaviour. It also offers some ideas that you might find helpful in guiding you to support appropriate behaviour.

Barnardos YourChildsBehaviour

Childrens Behaviour

Often when we think or discuss child behaviour, it usually revolves around bad behaviour (pushing other children or refusing to share). But what are the reasons for a child behaving in a particular way? The following link will provide some insight to a child's behaviour.

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Behaviour Management

Children’s behaviour – can often delight, confuse, frustrate or even anger you as a parent. When your child behaves in challenging ways, it’s good to have a range of behaviour management options. The following link will support you in - 

  • Understanding the first step to managing your child's behaviour
  • Choosing the behaviour management technique/techniques that are right for you

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Behaviour Management -Tantrums

For toddlers and preschool children, tantrums are extremely common. They can be a child's way of managing challenging feelings. It is important to have a plan for managing them in times when the situations that trigger them could not be avoided. The following link will provide support in the managing of tantrums. 

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Tantrum Tamers: 32 Phrases to Use With 3 and 4 Year-Olds

The trick to communicating successfully with three and four year-olds is to be clever, funny, clear, rested, and to have a method to calming yourself down as fast as possible.

Children this age are often more aggressive and frustrated than they were as toddlers, so being aware of this and meeting their challenging behaviour with strategies and patience are very helpful for all involved.